A series of three performances about death and making friends. A creature grows from a lobster to a moth, dies, and is reborn. They go from knowing nothing to knowing too much.

Lobster is the perpetual child, the innocent. They can only whistle to speak, and they are always trying to please.Eventually, the forces of cruelty, time, and entropy drive them away from everyone they love. For an unknown period of time, they gestate into the moth. Though this phase of the performance was durational, the other two are shorter stage performances. I was Lobster for two weeks. I only took the costume off when I was in my room or the bathroom.

                                                                           photos at far right, bottom by Ross Kiah︎︎

The Moth has nothing but questions. Now gifted with speech, they attempt to share what little they have learned before they must lay their body to rest. They make one final romantic gesture to the world by opening their wings. Similar to how some bees can only sting once before they die, it is the first and final opening of the Moth’s wings that do them in. 

drawing by Zoe Grinder

The Ghost knows everything. They have been to the lonely places of the world, and finally, they have answers. An unknown power has deigned to give them time to impart their wisdom upon the profane world. Their job complete, they disappear, only for a new Lobster to appear. The cycle repeats ad infinitum. 

photos of Ghost by Marissa Cote